PhD Candidates

Zhihuan Liao(廖志环)

B.S., 2020, Guangdong Medical University

Entry year: 2020

Research interest: Nanocarriers, Drug toxicology

Hobby: Jogging, Photography, Listening music

Chen Liu (刘晨)

M.D., Xiamen University

Entry year: 2021

Research interest:

Mechanochemistry; Targeted drug delivery system

Hobby: Travelling; Reading; Board game

Nian Liu(刘年)

M.S., 2020, Jilin University

Entry year: 2020


Research interest: Nanoparticles, Targeted drug delivery

Hobby: Listening to music, Reading

Quanyi Jin(金泉一)

B.S., 2014, Nankai University

Entry year: 2022

Research interest: Magnetomechanics, Nanomedicine

Hobby: Boardgames, Musical instruments

Xiangfu Du (杜相甫)

M.Sc., 2021, Henan University
Entry year: 2022
Research interest: Responsive release and activation of the prodrug
Hobby: Playing billiard ball and Badminton

Nan Li(李楠)

M.S., 2023, Jilin University

Entry year: 2023

Research interest: Protein corona, Targeted delivery

Hobby: Frisbee game, Travelling